The next morning and with a full load we continued towards Coldfoot. The big US trucks are our constant companion on the Dalton Highway. In the first part of the route we go up and down through large, untouched forest areas and after some time we reach the Arctic Circle. There are no tourist far and wide and we have the famous sign exclusively for us. So we are at the moment on a length with northern Norway, northern Iceland and the whole tundra area of Russia. The road is getting snowier and our Hankook i*cept evo 2 Winter Pro have to work well to cope with the slopes and curves. The four-wheel drive of the ID.4 All Wheel Drive helps us a lot at this time of year and this far north. We reach another DOT station, Jim River and charge there to 80% with 7 KW. In the night just before kitchen closing time we arrive in Coldfoot, the only truck stop along the Dalton Highway and truly our feet are freezing as we avoid using the ID.4 heater as much as possible to save valuable energy. One characteristic for the truck stops are the numerous trucks parked in front of the entrance with their engines running and parking lights on. An extra table for the truckers dominates the interior. Numerous touring stickers cover the entrance. After a small but very expensive refreshment, we continue into the night to the highest pass on the Dalton Highway.