DAY 37: Atlanta, GA

In the morning we had a short stop at our long term partner Kuehne + Nagel one of the biggest logistics companies in the world and the managing director Juergen Gentzke hosted us for our presentation, thank you very much for your all time great support on my projects. We then moved to Greenville to the east and had a stop at Bertrandt, they are Volkswagens service supplier and their focus is on EV cars. Greenville itself is as the name suggests, very green and it has a nice city center road with large green trees and is walkable and it reminds us of a Spanish town. Near the center is a statue of Joel Roberts Poinsett, an American botanist and diplomat. He is famous for bringing a Poinsettia flower from Mexico to the US and having it named after him. Also famous for helping found the precursor to the Smithsonian Institution. Greenville is also famous for the Reedy river waterfalls. We then moved back to Atlanta and stopped by the big Hartwell Dam from the 50’s. When we were around the dam we suddenly thought were in the movie The Birds from Hitchcock as we saw a power station tower with a lot of vultures sitting and watching us. We continued moving west to Atlanta to prepare for our stop tomorrow. It’s getting hotter and hotter and our hoodies are almost no longer necessary anymore as we are getting closer to 80 degree weather.