DAY 40: Key West, FL

Finally we made it into the the last state of our tour in Florida and we crossed the border and took a nice picture with the sign at the visitors center. In Tampa we had a short stop at our sponsor Clarios where they decided to have some balloons with them to take a more fun picture. Thank you for having us. We headed on further south towards our final destination of the VW ID.4 Alaska Tour going to the Florida Keys. The Florida Keys are most famous for their bridges between the islands we took some great photos with the drone. The wind was also very strong. The bridges are a masterpiece of construction with the longest bridge being 7 miles long. Before you enter the Keys you cross through Key Largo, and we stopped at some of the tourist places to take some pictures. The lobster industry is very popular here. You can also hire someone to take you on a big boat to go fishing. When we arrived the tide was low and many people used their boats to go to a lagoon or sand bar to swim. A pelican was overlooking the water where he was waiting to steal the next meal from someone else. The Keys are also famous for the golf carts where you see them all over driving around. Some are fully electric and some are the classic combustion engine. The Hankook iON evo AS tires have been preforming very well. Finally we arrived in Key West and took a picture with the sign, and had just caught the setting of the sun at the most western point of the island alongside many other people. Key West stands for old colonial towns and even president Truman also lived here. There are large mangrove trees in the area and we even came across Mile Marker 0 and we took a photo there. At the end the most famous place in Key West, the milestone for the most southern point of the US we took a quick picture and made a short stop. After almost 10,000 miles of driving, 40 days on the road, almost 100 charging stops, and 128 degree temperature difference we made it to Key West to the final point. From the most Northern Point of the US-Highway System to the most Southern Tip of the US with an EV car in spring sets a new world record. We will stay in the Keys until Monday where we will receive the official arrival certification from the Mayor and we are looking forward to that on Monday morning.