DAY 35: Nashville, TN

On the next morning in Tennessee we stopped at our partner Hankook Tires in Clarksville. They had a video crew coming out for us and some of the employees came out to wait for us. Thank you very much for the nice event there and they used our tour for the product videos for the Hankook iON evo AS tires. Which we have changed from the tires we started with the icept winter tires. The iON evo AS tires are whisper quiet with the acoustic tread pattern and stiff side walls. These tires have been preforming really well, we have had no problems at all. They provide a nice quiet ride and we appreciate that we have these tires on our tour now with no issues or no punctures. We then drove into the Nashville downtown area and of course we made a short stop on Broadway. There were many people outside enjoying the weather. You could heard every single bar playing live music with all of their doors and windows open. Johnny Cash also had a great run of his career here. Then there was an old timer passing through Broadway with us. He had made a trip from Cape Horn to New York. In then evening we then made our way from Nashville towards Atlanta, GA.