DAY 30: Chicago, IL

We stayed in Chicago overnight because we had another meeting with Fuchs Lubricants Chicago. Similar to Kansas they all came out and we had a great show explaining our project to the employees and management. Thank you Arthur for organizing these events. Another important stop for us was the visit to SOS Children’s Villages in Chicago. We have supported this organization since 2005 with almost every project I’ve done and I am happy to support the organization with 2,500 euros in Chicago, Illinois. Most of the management and some employees came out to take a picture in front of the nice building. We used some more time to take pictures in Chicago. There were clear skies and it was very windy because of the lake. We took photos near the Adler Planetarium and the Field museum. We drove downtown near the Chicago river where the bridges fold up and next to the river is of course the famous subway. The subways are above the road and they are very noisy and we didn’t know that it was that noisy and the people from Chicago seem to not be bothered by the sound. In the end we headed to Detroit for our next stop.