DAY 24: Green River, UT

After crossing the rockies we tried to cover a good amount of mileage to get to Kansas City for our next weekend stop. We decided to make a half day stop at Green River in Utah because here the weather was clearing up and we had blue skies and a Monument Valleyesque background. We made a stop at a gas station and suddenly an old 65 Dodge pulled in with the owner and his two dogs, Harold and Mort. As always in these type of desert truck stops have UFO decor based on Area 51. You can really count on things like this coming up in the area. We met a group of cyclists who are riding their bikes from one city to the next teaching people how to sew repair or even make their own clothing. We are also close to Moab, UT where some off-roaders just came from. They were nice enough to let us take a photo and tell us what they did in Moab. The Electrify America station was nicely integrated into an old farmhouse that has been converted into a coffee shop. There was a Native American statue made of wood overlooking the station. A Rivian came in to charge and we had a chat at the station. It is nice to have these conversations with other people’s about their experience driving electric cars. Headed through to Colorado there is a town called Rifle a gold rush town on the western side of Colorado. At night we passed through Loveland pass and made it through the Eisenhower-Johnson Tunnels at 11,112 feet with snow and low temperatures, which reminded us of Alaska. As soon as we passed though the last tunnel we went down the mountain range which recharged the car up nicely to Denver, where we stopped for the night.