DAY 19: Hope, BC

Overnight we charged at the 50 KW 100 Mile visitor center. 100 mile comes from the stagecoach distances from Hope all the way north up the Cariboo Road. The name of the town comes from the gold rush in the late 19th Century and this is how they knew where they were relative to the southern towns. Most of the charging stations are at these visitor centers. We then went down to take a picture at an old trade building called 58 mile. We then arrived in Clinton an important stop during the gold rush and also for us as there was another 50 KW charger in town. Clinton has kept their spirit by preserving their history. Each building has their own unique story. We then make our way down following the winding Frasier River named after Simon Frasier who was one of the first pioneers who trailblazer their way to the west in Canada. The road follows the river all the way to Hope which is the connection to the main highway to Vancouver. The highway is called highway one. There is a narrow pass called Hell’s Gate where people struggled to get through during the gold rush times. Finally we made our first stop at Electrify Canada with a 150 KW charger that only took us 45 mins to charge to full. This is a reminder that we are now connected to EV fast charging network for North America. We stayed in Abbotsford overnight to head to Vancouver the next day.