At night we charged at the Red Diamond because we befriended the owner of the property who just so happened to own a Ford Lightning. He had his own 7 KW personal charger and he allowed us to use it for a few hours. Then we continued to Fort St. John and we arrived early in the morning at the GM dealer, which had a 50 KW Flo charger in the back. We have been lucky that the Chevy had already been charged so that we could charge and continue on with our fill up. We continued to the south towards Prince George and charged at the East Pine rest stop and rested here due to the night drive. Before we entered Chetwynd we took some photos with a very long train which contained sulfur being transported to the Vancouver port. It looks some time for the long train to pass. In Chetwynd there are very funny looking wooden sculptures along the roadside which is a different artistic expression compared to what we have been seeing on the way down from Alaska and Canada. When we asked the visitor center they told us it was the most famous place in Canada for cutting wood competitively with a chainsaw. Sculptors come from all over the world to come to this place to show off their skills. So all over this town you see sometimes very crazy statues and we chose a nice man with one eye closed looking towards our ID.4 and a lumberjack standing with his ax. In this town we met a couple with two ski doos on the back of their pick up and they asked us about the tour and they invited us to come 40 miles south to their cabin in Powder Keg. We stopped there and took photos with their ski doos while they showed off some tricks. We were alone on the slopes as the ski season is over here even though the snow is still there which even allowed us to take some great photos of the landscape. We continued towards Prince George and charged at on of the 22 KW chargers at Tse’khene gas station on the McLeod Lake Indian Band. What is nice about the south part of British Columbia is that all of the chargers are being powered by hydro power as all the stations tell you the are powered by water. We got a short invitation close by the charger from a BC Canadian who was barbecuing chicken and we enjoyed the invitation thank you very much. Close by was a lake and his son took Derek out to the lake to see his friend who was ice fishing. This is very popular in Canada however the season is winding down to the last days to catch these ice fish. After charging in Prince George we drove into night to Quesnel. Another gold rush town which is one of the many towns south of Prince George that display their gold rush beginnings on the old Cariboo Road. We have passed many towns where the gold rush is still being displayed by museums on the side of the road. We spent the night in Quesnel to prepare for the journey to Hope for the next morning.