Day 17: Fort Nelson, BC

We left Muncho Lake after finishing charging into the night and we made it to Toad River for a short rest until it got bright in the morning. We woke up with a very nice view of the glaciers beside the road and the small Alaskan Highway winding through rocky area with great rock faces. We continued driving towards Fort Nelson and suddenly we saw a heard of mountain goat. There they were feeding off of the side of the road and they were not very shy of cars. We took some drone shots and photos as they were curiously watching us as well. A lonely buffalo was surrounded by great scenery which looks like what the Canadian rocky mountain wilderness would look like from your childhood imagination. We arrived in Fort Nelson in the afternoon and right in the beginning of town there is this Alaska Highway Museum with a lot of material mainly from the US from the 40’s and 50’s when they constructed this road within only one or two years to make military access to Alaska. We first charged at the official 7 KW charger in the parking lot of the visitor center but they invited us to charge with 480 V 50 A so we could use our Heliox charger for the last time on the Alaska Tour to charge within 3.5 hours. Fort Nelson’s population just over 3,000 people but they have plenty of hotels open alongside the main road as it is a place more or less in the middle of nowhere. The hotels can host a lot of people compared to the small population of the town. Most travelers use this place for sleeping in the evening we continued to drive to Prince George as we get closer to civilization in Canada on the way back.