We left in the morning after a one day rest which gave us one day to warm up again and to relax and slow down a little bit. Now we are driving with better weather on the Alaskan Highway towards the east towards Watson Lake. On this section of the Alaskan Highway the scenery is very nice with white mountains and the river is starting to open up and unthaw. We made it to Teslin where we charged at a nice 50 KW Flo charger next to the famous Teslin Bridge crossing over Teslin Lake. There are not that many cars on the way with us mainly just trucks. We then arrived in Watson Lake in the evening and charged overnight at the 50 KW charger where we passed the Sign Post Forest where visitors may add their own signs to the over 80,000 already present. We had some small but still visible northern lights at night as we crossed into British Colombia. The next morning we made contact with some of BC’s wildlife. There was a herd of Bison next to the road where they eat the grass on the shoulders. We stopped and took some pictures of them. They don’t care because they are used to cars. After a nice truck stop breakfast we made our stop at the Liard Hot Springs for a short time and enjoyed 38 degrees C water temperature alongside other tourist. We then made it with a smile and coming to Muncho Lake we charged for almost 10 hours on a 7 KW charger and Urs and Mariana the owner’s of Northern Rockies Lodge took us on a scenic flight with their plane while we charged. Thank you for that Urs. We took photos of his land and airstrip on the ice. It made the charging time go by much faster. We really appreciated it. After Muncho Lake we head southeast to Fort Nelson.