DAY 14: Whitehorse, YT

We arrived in Whitehorse the capital of Yukon with only 40,232 inhabitants one of the least populated territories in Canada. One of the most famous attractions is the Klondike Steamboat. It is the biggest Steamboat that has even been in Whitehorse and is now on display as a museum. You can imagine the Klondike gold rushers coming from the USA to here to look for their own fortune. Also interesting to see is the culture of the First Nations people and the Canadians respect for their culture. We then charged again at a 50 KW Flo charger. You can see the history of the gold rush all over town especially in the older part of town. Whitehorse is also the start of the world famous Yukon Quest dogsled race. Some houses display murals of people from the 1900’s. There are artificial mammoths at the transportation museum close to the airport marking that there were once mammoths in the area. One of the more scenic electric charging stations had an old DC3 plane that changed direction with the wind. In the evening we stayed in Whitehorse to prepare for our next stage to Watson lake.